Volume -5, Issue -4  May 2019

Identification of Anti-Diabetic Phytocompounds from Ficus racemosa and its Validation through In Silico Molecular Modeling
Authors : Thirumalaisamy Rathinavel,Subramanian Ammashi,Selvankumar Thangaswamy,Gnanendra Shanmugam,


In the present study, anti-diabetic phyto compounds of Ficus racemosa bark methanolic extract was screened through GCMS and evaluated its anti-diabetic potential in vitro and in silico (molecular docking and DFT analysis) approaches. The anti-diabetic phyto compounds β-Sitosterol, β-amyrin, betulinic acid and stigmasterol were explored through GCMS analysis. In vitro anti-diabetic α-amylase...

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Production of Cost Effective and High Strength Geopolymer Concrete Masonry Blocks
Authors : Shabarish Patil,Krishna Rathi,Md Osamal Budiha,Ashwini Dhadekar,Dixita Salecha,


Building block represents one of the vital materials in construction industry, the increased demand and requirement of building material has made the industry to grow vertically, the innovation and change in concrete block industry plays important role to produce cost effective, durable and sustainable building block which is the need of hour. The production of large amount of fly-ash requires...

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Optimization of Castor Oil Transesterification using Central Composite Design (CCD); Chemical Composition of Fatty acids content using Gas Chromatography
Authors : P.A. Satyanarayana,V. Sridevi,Chaman Mehtha,B. Venu Gopal,


In the present study, the synthesis of fatty acid esters from castor oil using an alkaline catalyst was optimized. The variables were studied using a central composite design. The effects and significance of the models on the response variable and on biodiesel (methyl ester) yield derived from pure castor oil were evaluated using a response surface curve and analysis of variance. The statistical...

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Triphenylamine Based Organic Dyes with Different Spacers for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells: A First Principle Study
Authors : M. Prakasam,R. Baskar,K. Gnanamoorthi ,K. Annapoorani ,


The four novel metal-free organic dyes Ref. Dye, SP-SO, SP-OS and SP-OO, containing a Triphenylamine (TPA) unit as the π-bridge were designed and the impacts of the spacer on the photovoltaic performances were studied. The Geometry structure, energy levels, light-harvesting ability and ultraviolet-visible absorption spectra were calculated by using Density Functional Theory (DFT) and...

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Enhancing Productivity by Enabling a Value-Chain Orientation
Authors : Rajesh Shankar Priya,Steffen Ihlenfeldt,


Automobile Industries constantly face challenges of production stoppages resulting in huge losses. This is often due to supply issues resulting in non-availability of material at the right time, in-full and at the right location. The demand variability from the customer’s downstream processes causes several planning issues to the supplier that often leads to decline in customer service...

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Crystal Structure Analysis of (6-hydroxy-8-(2-hydroxyphenyl)-9-nitro-2, 3, 4, 8-tetrahydro-1H-pyrido [1, 2-a] pyrimidin-7-yl) (1H-indol-3-yl) methanone
Authors : K. Hemanathan,R. Raja,J. Kamlraja, K. Sakthi Murugesan,


Single crystals of (6-hydroxy-8-(2-hydroxyphenyl)-9-nitro-2,3,4,8-tetrahydro-1H-pyrido [1,2-a]pyrimidin-7-yl)(1H-indol-3-yl)methanone. were grown by slow evaporation method and X-ray diffraction analysis reveals monoclinic C2/c space group with unit cell dimensions of a = 34.9435(13) Å, b= 8.8855(3) Å, c= 15.0694(6) Å and β= 95.591(1)o. The pyrimidine ring (N3-N4/C12-C15) makes dihedral...

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Experimental Analysis of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) on Ground Granulated Blast-Furnace Slag (GGBS) based Geopolymer Concrete
Authors : Shabarish V. Patil,Sachin Chabbi,Soundarya Chabbi,Nikhil Pudakalkatti,Pavana Patil,


Geopolymer is a type of concrete that has become more popular in recent years due to the fact that is significantly more environmental friendly than standard concrete. Geopolymer Concrete is produced by reacting with high rich aluminate and silicate bearing materials using an alkaline activator solution. In this present work, the suitability of non-destructive method to find the compressive...

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Structural, Williamson-Hall Plot and Size-strain Analysis of MgxNi1-xAlxFe2-xO4 Ferrites
Authors : Sheela S. Gandhad,Preeti M. Patil ,S.N. Mathad,Leena V. Hublikar,P.R. Jeergal,S.U. Durgadsimi,R.B. Pujar,


In the present study Mg-Ni-Al ferrites materials were synthesized by wide-eyed ceramic method (solid-state method). The formation of cubic single phase was affirmed by XRD of Mg-Ni-Al ferrite. The variation of lattice constant (a) with dopant aluminum (Al) is assigned to Vegard’s law. The crystallite size(D), lattice constant(a), micro strain(ε), X-ray density (Δx), dislocation density (In...

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Regular, Normal and Tychonoff Spaces of 𝒇𝒈
## −closed set in
Fuzzy Topological Spaces
Authors : Kiran G Potadar,Sadanand N Patil,


In this paper, as an application of fuzzy 𝑔 ## - closed set in fuzzy topological spaces (fts), which is a class of closed fuzzy set. A fuzzy 𝑔 ## - closed set is obtained by generalizing 𝑔 # - open fuzzy sets via fuzzy αclosure.We Introduced and investigated some new type of separation axioms namely, 𝑓𝑔## -Regular Space, 𝑓𝑔 ## - Tychonoff space, 𝑓𝑔## -Normal...

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Study on Influence of Gas Adsorption on Surface Photovoltage in Phthalocyanine Coated TiO2 Thin Film towards Liver Disease Biomarker
Authors : Jareena Begam J,Yuvaraj Sivalingam,Surya Elangovan,Sarathbavan Murugan,Venkatramaiah Nutalapati,Surya Velappa Jayaraman,


Focus of the article is to study the influence of gas adsorption on the surface photovoltage in phthalocyanine coated TiO2 thin film by studying the application of Liver Diseases. To realize this application, initially we have deposited thin film of TiO2 on ITO substrate by spray pyrolysis method and functionalized them with Phthalocyanine. Also, we studied the work function changes in the...

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A Review on Tungsten Oxide (WO3) and their Derivatives for Sensor Applications
Authors : V. Hariharan,B. Gnanavel,R. Sathiyapriya,V. Aroulmoji,


The nanostructured transition metal oxides (TMOs) have attracted considerable attention in the past decade because of their unique chemical and physical properties leading to numerous potential applications. Tungsten oxides (WO3-∂) represent a fascinating class of material used for flat panel devices, smart windows, anti glare mirrors, etc. because of its outstanding electro, photo and gas...

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Experimental Study on Partial Replacement of Cement with Mineral Admixtures and Sand with Quarry Dust
Authors : Fatheali A Shilar,Mubarakali Shilar,


This paper focuses on utilization of mineral admixture in the partial replacement of cement; attempt has been made to enhance the properties of concrete. The admixtures are used in general where the mineral admixtures fly ash and micro silica are quiet commonly used in achieving higher compressive strength. This mineral admixture reacts with cement which further increases the strength of...

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