Abstract :

Composites are heterogeneous in nature which is created by the combination of two or more components with fillers or reinforcing fibers and a compactable matrix. Aluminium composites are prepared by dispersing a reinforcing material into a matrix material. Experimental study on the tribological behavior of Al-7075 alloy reinforced with boron carbide (B4C) and silicon carbide (SiC) is conducted. Reinforcements selected have higher hardness compared to other ceramic materials. The specimens were produced with different compositions comprising SiC (3%, 6%, 9% wt %) and B4C 5wt% in all combinations. Microstructure examinations revealed that there was uniform distribution of reinforcement material into matrix. After carrying out experiments it was found that hardness increases from 93.33 for unreinforced aluminium 7075 to 125.4 for composite combination of Al7075 + 9% SiC + 5%B4C. Compressive strength have increased from 577.3 MN for unreinforced aluminium 7075 to 622.8 MN for composite combination of Al7075 + 9% SiC + 5%B4C. After conduction of wear test it was found that there was less wear in the material which has got higher reinforcement. For unreinforced aluminium 7075 wear rate was 197.201 microns whereas for Al+ 9% SiC + 5%B4C wear rate was negligible and it was 5.02 microns. Due to increase in hardness frictional force was increased. It has increased from 7.84 N for pure aluminium 7075 to 8.56 N for Al+ 9% SiC + 5%B4C. Test results revealed that the increase in wt% fractions of reinforcement materials caused an increase in mechanical properties.