Abstract :

Annona muricata is one of the important herbal plant that are widely used to treat antidiabetic, anti-inflammatory, insecticidal, antimalarial, anticancer, antibacterial and antioxidant activities. In the present study, extraction procedure was carried out in few step processes method. The extract contains high percentage of steroid, alkaloid, flavonoid, phenolic and saponin. The extract was used to study the antioxidant activity; antibacterial activities and anticancer activity by standard methods. The antioxidant activity was studied by using radical scavenging DPPH, FRAP and H2O2 method and disc diffusion method. The results of antibacterial activity of the following bacteria’s such as Pseudomonas, Staphylococcus, Bacillus, E.coli shows the maximum zone of inhibition against Staphylococcus aureus which is around 1.7 cm. The anticancer activity was carried out by MTT assay using Hep-G2 as cell line and results are reported in the paper.