Abstract :

Calculation intensive courses lead to the need to integrate computer technology into the classroom, especially in courses such as The Refrigeration and air conditioning at then Dronacharya College of Engineering Gurugram (Haryana). Therefore the opportunity arises for the implementation of interactive tools for ease of calculations. Once the students have mastered the concepts and ability to perform the necessary manual calculations, computer programs can be used to allow the students to study more advanced topics in the material without being bogged down in the calculations. To ease the considerable calculations involved in solving vapor-compression refrigeration (VCR) cycle. This program has recently been revised to be compatible with the Microsoft Windows operating environment prevalent today in engineering software. In addition, a fourth refrigerant, R-134a, was added to account for the addition of new refrigerants in use today. Another modification made to the program was the addition of a tutorial for the thermal system analysis of a VCR cycle. This tutorial emulates the general solution methodology used in the course and reinforces the concepts with the students. The program is available via current web pages for the described course.