Abstract :

The present energy consumption situation initiates top priority for energy management and effective utilization of generated electrical power. It is studied that more than 40% of the total electrical power generated is wasted due to improper consumption or monitoring. As observed in most of the offices most of the electrical appliances like fan, lights will be left ON from day break to evening even if the personnel’s are not present. As a result a huge amount of energy is wasted. Moreover the need ensuring security is becoming very vital in our day-to-day life. It is necessary to ensure security in offices, factories, banks, confidential areas of research centres and power plants etc. But now in these areas the task of maintaining security has become an enormous technological challenge. The current work mainly concentrates and safe guard against unauthorised entry using GSM module, fire sensing circuits and efficient energy usage by automatic control of fan, office lights, surrounding light illumination and garden water pump control. The office management system is a Novell network which considers the above concepts and monitors inefficient use of electrical energy using embedded systems. The expected outcomes of present work are namely, save energy and display energy data on LCD unit, provide better infrastructure, saving energy and smart operation for basic tasks. Office employees become more flexible and increases public relations, improve and alters the quality of work leading to the workers job satisfaction.