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2nd International Students’ Conference on ‘Innovations in Science and Technology’

Guest Editor : Dr.Koyel Ganguly

Last Update : 03 Jul 2019

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Authors : Anirban Bose, Anupal Banerjee, Utpal Maji

The heat exchanger performance of a system can be enhancedemploying a combination of passive strategies, particularly nanofluids and varied structures of fins geometries. These methods can enhance the heat transfer coefficient and consequently reduce the weight of the system. In this paper, the effect of fin geometry and nanofluids in...Read More

Authors : Sayak Bhattacharjee, Rohan Pandit and Biswajit Saha

About four billion people face severe water scarcity every year around the globe. To provide remedy to this situation sea water desalination has proven to be one of the most effective ways. A number of proven technologies are already in existence. However, these methods take help of non-renewable energy sources...Read More

Authors : Balaka Biswas, Sunny Kumar

The alteration of the curvature of space time has been determined by directly linking gravity significantly to the Einstein Field Equations, with respect to coordinates in space and frame of reference. A similarity between gravitational field and the flow of fluids has been determined, by equating the like terms of...Read More

Authors : Rajdeep Baruri, Anannya Ghosh

Clustering is a ubiquitous technique in machine learning. Clustering is useful when we do not have labeled data. In the present study, three of the most useful and easy to implement clustering algorithms, namely k-means method, greedy-k-means method, and in the last but not the least is improved-k-means method have...Read More

Authors : Debarshi Sarkar, Krishanu Deyasi

This paper presents a method to compute the shortest (geodesic) distance between two given points in a polyhedral solid. The basic difference between the shortest and the geodesic shortest distance is that, in shortest distance between two points in a graph is the shortest path length connecting those two points...Read More

Authors : Anirban Bose, Chandra Shekhar, Md Adnan

Recent advancement in the chemical process plants, power industries, cryogenic applications, aerospace applications and electronics technology requires efficient and economic design of compact heat exchangers.This is always a challenge to design a compact heat exchanger because of its complex structure.Plate Fin Heat Exchanger (PTFE) is very common compact heat exchanger...Read More

Authors : Dwaipayan Basu, Suvadip Sana

Exploring the nature of protein folding, the following work is an elucidation of a bio-mathematical explanation of the Levinthal’s paradox using Clustering Partition among different torsional states in conjunction with Random Walk Theory. The kinetics of protein folding mechanisms have been resolved by integrating Overlapping Clusters across different Hierarchical Levels...Read More

Authors : Sanhita Koley, Aneesh Kar

Today classical computers stores information in bits, which take the discrete values 0 and 1. On the other hand information stored in Quantum computers are not up to two states buten code information as quantum bits, or qubits resulting in superposition and entanglement. The Qubits can be represented by atoms,...Read More

Authors : Dipanjan Dey

: Finning machines that are widely being used in cooling tower industries for fin tube production have shown problems in the production process that has come up recently. These fin tubes are in turn, used in condensers and heat exchangers as a vital cooling unit in power plants. In a...Read More

Authors : K. Chakraborty, S. Malakar, D. K. Mandal, R. Mondal, A. K. Maiti

Electrical simulation at different thickness of active layer of organic photovoltaic devices has been encountered by using GPVDM software. P3HT-PCBM composite material has been selected as active material whereas ITO, PEDOT:PSS and Al has been chosen as front and back electrodes respectively. A comparative study of different electrical parameters has...Read More

Authors : Sumalyo Datta, Sayanti Dutta, Nilanjana Bandyopadhyay, Susmita Basu, Sanhita Paul

In the modern era of twenty first century, bridge wreckage has become a burning issue thereby focussing the attention on vulnerability of countless human lives and structural damage in the states of human infrastructure. This paper aims to envisage the probability of bridge collapse using an AI neural network using...Read More

Authors : Anirban Dhar, Madhuti Saha, Soham Chaudhuri, Animesh Gupta

In the present era, military security has become a prime concern. The existing technologies available for military safety are no less prone to attacks by outsiders. So, in this paper we come up with such a system which incorporates the use of RFID(Radio Frequency Identification) and Bio-sensors. The RFID system...Read More

Authors : Prateek Majumder, Ruchira Mukherjee

Energy supplies from renewables such as from biofuels, solar heat, photovoltaics, wind, hydro, wave, tidal, geothermal, and ocean-thermal are essential components of every nation’s energy strategy, not only because of concerns for the local and global environment, but also for energy security and sustainability. Solar energy, amongst other renewable sources...Read More

Authors : Hemangee De, Aanisha Bhattacharyya, Rachna Agarwal, Sudeshna Roy Chowdhury

Nowadays automated detection and recognition of human beings and their actions in surveillance videos is gaining importance. The paper presented is divided into different segments which include methods of extraction of images of different moving objects from surveillance videos, identification and face and action recognition. The smart surveillance system proposes...Read More

Authors : Sayantan Mukherjee, Sayonnil Bhowmick, Ruchira Mukherjee

Energy crisis is a major problem now-a-days. With the exponential growth of population and technology, the necessity of much more energy requirement becomes a serious issue. Therefore the need for alternative sources of energy comes to the...Read More

Authors : Prashant Harsh, Swarna Bhattacharya

In this era of Smartphones, when these have become the backbone of our life, charging them is one of the most essential tasks of our day to day life. For charging them, we are still dependent upon the conventional method of using wired charger. Sometimes we are in immense need...Read More

Authors : Devayan Bhattacharya, Ajay Tibrewal, Suvradip Ghosh

Graphene, which is an allotrope of carbon, has attracted the scientific community for its fundamental as well as its technological aspects. It has many promising applications which have revolutionized the semiconductor industry. It is the electronic charge which drives the semiconductor technology; however electrons have two additional degrees of...Read More