Abstract :

Phytoremediation is an assuring technology for the remediation of sites polluted with inorganic and organic contaminants. The present study assessed the remediation potential of Glycine max L in a co-contaminated soil with Chromium and anthracene and the effects of potash applied as amendments. Soils were contaminated with potassium chromate salt and anthracene at one level (100mg/kg of Cr+100/mg/kg of anthracene) and arrayed in completely randomized design with 3 replicates. Glycine max L seeds were planted. Potash amendments were applied at 30g/kg as solution to each soil surface at doses of 10g/kg for three weeks. There was 49% inhibition of shoot dry matter of Glycine max L with respect to control treatments. Application of potash to anthracene and Cr-anthracene co-contaminated soil decreased the residual anthracene to 29