Abstract :

India is moving towards a trend of generating electricity from renewable resources, with a maturity of advanced technologies and urgent requirement for maintaining a healthy environment with reasonable price. Nevertheless, meeting growing energy needs through conventional sources such as coal, gas, etc. creates environmental problems. Hence, the government gets on exploring new and clean energy sources. Development and promotion of these new and renewable energy sources such as the wind, solar and biomass have acquired considerable attention in India although coal and natural gas are still major sources of electricity. The use of various sustainable, renewable energy technologies has been rising, as it develops rapidly and can be scaled up easily. Wind energy is a clean and eco-friendly energy source and increasingly accepted as a major complementary energy source for securing a sustainable and clean energy future in India. The Indian government has aimed to fully utilize the abundant resources of this energy, which India has. The official assessment shows this country has potential to generate over 100,000 MW of wind energy. Till March 2017, generation capacity of 32,352 MW has been created through the wind, which places India in the fifth place globally. This paper provides a detailed description of Indian wind energy and discusses several developments which accelerated its growth. Empirical data were collected by Ministry of New and Renewable Energy and Indian Institute of Wind Energy. The paper presents current status, major achievements and future of wind energy in India.