Abstract :

Automotive, aircraft and train companies need to replace steel and cast iron in mechanical components with lighter high strength alloys like Al metal matrix composites (MMC).Experiments were carried out on Radial Drilling Machine. A plan of experiments, based on the techniques of Taguchi was performed. In this study drilling of Aluminium Silicon Carbide (Al/SiC) was investigated. The objective of this research is to study the effect of cutting speed, feed, and volume fraction, diameter of cut machining time on metal removal rate, specific energy, surface roughness, and flank wear. The experiments were conducted using L27 orthogonal array. This paper deals with the use of Taguchi Technique with fuzzy logic to optimize drilling process in Al/SiC composites with multiple quality characteristics. The influence of each parameter on the responses is established using analysis of variances (ANOVA) at 5% level of significance. It is found that % of Vol SiC, Cutting Speed, Feed Rate, diameter of drill and machining time contribute significantly to the multiple performance characteristic index. The five responses at optimal parameter setting have been reported.