Abstract :

Tridax procumbens leaf extract (T.procumbens) is utilized to synthesize Cupric molybdate nanostructures (CuMoO4), which are environmentally safe and can be employed as capping or reducing agents. Using UV-vis spectroscopy, XRD, SEM, and EDS, the optical, structural, and morphological properties of CuMoO4 are investigated. SEM and EDS confirmed the nanorod shape and purity of CuMoO4 nanostructures. UV-vis spectroscopy, which demonstrated surface plasmonic resonance at 300–500 nm, confirmed the synthesis, while XRD revealed the produced nanostructures to be in a triclinic or anorthic phase. The synthesized CuMoO4 nanostructures demonstrated a >90% degradation efficiency when exposed to solar irradiation and were used as a photocatalyst for the filtration of water contaminated with crystal violet (CV) dye. As a result, this study presents a promising, simple, affordable, and environmentally friendly biosynthesis of CuMoO4 photocatalyst that may be used to clean up dye-polluted water.