Abstract :

Evaluation of the effect of pre-harvest treatments (inorganic fertilizers and organic manure application) on the yield and storability of yam tubers was investigated. An experimental plot was chosen and cleared, ridges were prepared into which yam seedlings were planted and used for the study. A randomized complete block design (RCBD) was applied. The yam plants were nurtured till maturity and tubers were then harvested. The harvested yam tubers’ parameters such as middle diameter, mass, length were measured and recorded. The collected data were analyzed to test the research hypothesis. Results show that pre-harvest treatments had positive effects on the yield but negative effects on the storability of yam tubers. It is therefore recommended that prior to application of treatments like fertilizer, the possible duration of storage of yam tubers intended for cultivation should be considered in order to choose a suitable treatment for yam production. Where organic manure is to be used, it should be applied at least three days before planting of yam seedlings into the field. The research successfully evaluated the effects of pre-harvest treatments on the yield and storability of yam tubers and also provided experimental data being potential resources for future researchers.