Abstract :

Electrical relaxation of xAg2S (1-x) (0.5S 0.5Te) chalcogenide glassy system has been studied in the frequency range from 42Hz to 5Mz and temperature range from 433K to 523K. Dielectric constant and dielectric loss exhibit frequency and temperature dependency. Attempts have been made to analyse dielectric relaxation data using Hunts Model. Activation energies estimated from permittivity and complex modulus plots have been found to increase with Ag2S content. To measure DC electrical conductivity, two point probe technique has been used. Activation energies of them have also been calculated from DC conductivity measurement using Arrhenius equation. Experimental results show the dependency of DC conductivity with Ag2S concentration. The activation energies of them corresponding to DC conductivity are found to increase with Ag2S content in both lower and higher temperature regions, which is found to be in close agreement with the results, obtained from dielectric relaxation.