Volume -3, Issue -3  Feb 2017

Novel Hyaluronic Acid Based Nucleic Acid Delivery System
Authors : D Perin,E Murano,D Meiacco,M Bergamin,

The main goal in the drug delivery strategy exploiting nucleic acid based drugs (NABDs) is the capability to target the desired sequence of nucleic acid into the selected cell using appropriate polymeric carriers. The field of application of this technology regards the modification of the expression pattern mainly in tumour cells. The present work aims at developing a feasible methodology for...

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Microwave Synthesis of Au/Ag Doped Nano Hydroxyapatite from Dead Mussel Shell
Authors : G Nedunchezhian,D Benny Anburaj,B Gokulakumar,S Johnson Jeyakumar,

In the present study, the Au/Ag doped nano sized hydroxyapatite was synthesize from the combination of low cost dead Mussel shell (Mollusk) as calcium source with di-ammonium hydrogen phosphate (NH4)2HPO4 as a phosphate source, at the same time as maintain the pH at 10 using ammonium hydroxide (NH4OH), followed by microwave irradiation for 30 min. The deposit was collected and calcined at...

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Spectroscopic investigation (FT-IR and FT-Raman), vibrational assignments, HOMO-LUMO analysis and molecular docking study of 5-chloro-N-(3-chlorophenyl)pyrazine-2-carboxamide
Authors : K S Resmi,Y Sheena Mary,C Yohannan Panicker,

The vibrational wavenumbers and corresponding vibrational assignments of 5-chloro-N-(3-chlorophenyl)pyrazine-2-carboxamide have been investigated experimentally and theoretically using Gaussian09 software package. DFT/B3LYP calculations have been done using 6-31++G(6D,7F) basis set, to investigate the vibrational wavenumbers. The assignments of the normal modes are done by potential energy...

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Influence of Bamboo Leaf Ash on the Physical, Mechanical and Dielectric properties of the Reinforced Ceramic Insulator
Authors : M Shanmugam,G Sivakumar,R Poongulhzali,A Santhakumar,M Kumara Dhas,

Reuse of a waste material in ceramic production plays a most important role on ecology and is also economical, in which the waste materials significantly reduces the use of natural resources. In this contest, an attempt is made to replace the conventional ceramic material quartz by Bamboo Leaf Ash (BLA). The fabricated insulator was characterized by its physcio-mechanical properties...

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Solar Photocatalytic Treatment of Sewage using Titanium Dioxide
Authors : P Mageshkumar,S Ramesh,G Mahalakshmi,R Hemalini,

Pure water is never found in nature and it is increasingly rare to encounter a source of water that requires no treatment before being used for portable water supply. Conventional treatment methods are not effective for the degradation of toxic organic pollutants; hence other treatment techniques are necessary. One of the recent developments in this field is the Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP)....

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Synthesis and Characteristic Studies of Mercury Doped Potassium Hydrogen Phthalate for Optoelectronic Applications
Authors : P Girija,S Kumaravel,C Vidya,P M Anbarasan,

A good quality crystals are grown by the addition of equimolar composition of the transition metal mercury (Hg) as mercurous chloride to potassium hydrogen phthalate [KHP: Hg (1:1)], by slow evaporation solution growth technique (SEST). The FTIR spectrum confirms that there is distortion in the structure of the crystals due to equimolar doping. The TGDTA gives the purity of the material and no...

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The Most Significant Position Sensors Using Variance Method in Gesture Quantification
Authors : Andrews Samraj,M Prabhakaran,

Gesture translation system is basically used to find out the meaning of emergency responses from disabled and bed ridden patients by proper interpretation of the gestures shown by them. In order to get pristine gesture components, it is necessary to use a unique gesture without confusion as well as finding the most predominant sensor electrodes which is involved in such gesture activity. An...

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DFT and TD-DFT calculations of 2-aminopyrimidine-5-carbonitrile Dye Sensitizer for Solar Cells
Authors : S Padmanathan,I Ragavan,A Prakasam,P M Anbarasan,

Quantum chemistry calculations of energies, geometries, electronic structures, polarizabilities, and < hyperpolarizabilities of organic dye sensitizer 2-aminopyrimidine-5-carbonitrile were studied based on ab initio HF and Density Functional Theory (DFT) using the hybrid functionalsB3LYP. Ultraviolet-visible (UV-Vis) spectrum was investigated by Time Dependent DFT (TDDFT). Features of the...

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Wind Power Target and Recent Update of Wind Energy in India
Authors : Anbarasan P. M,Vidya C,

India is moving towards a trend of generating electricity from renewable resources, with a maturity of advanced technologies and urgent requirement for maintaining a healthy environment with reasonable price. Nevertheless, meeting growing energy needs through conventional sources such as coal, gas, etc. creates environmental problems. Hence, the government gets on exploring new and clean energy...

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Removal of Crystal Violet from Waste Water by Activated Carbon from Seeds of Prosopis Juliflora
Authors : N Zulfareen,K Kannan,T Venugopal ,

The activated carbon prepared from the seeds of Prosopis juliflora was used as an adsorbent for the removal of methylene blue dye present in synthetic waste water. The activated carbon was characterized by the techniques like FT-IR and SEM. The activated carbon (Prosopis juliflora) was tested for the removal of metals ions from the waste water with various concentrations, time, temperature and...

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PV Grid based Inverter by PMSM Drive using LABVIEW
Authors : C Saichithraa,S Umamaheshwari,B,S Rajan,

Three-phase transformer inverter is commonly used in photovoltaic (PV) grid-connected systems due to its high efficiency and low cost. There is no galvanic connection. In these conditions, common mode leakage Currents can appear through the capacitance between the PV array and the ground. In order to create a galvanic isolation between the input and the output include a transformer that reduces...

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Uncertain finding of Roof-Holes due to Earthquake-Triggered from UAV Images by Using Support Vector Machine
Authors : S Sumathis,S Ramani,

Appraisal and refurbish of earthquake damage in buildings has, in the period of yore, been overloaded with a very towering quantity of unpredictability primarily since of lack of apposite guidelines that could regularly be practical by engineers, adjusters, and property owners . A enhanced and supplementary faithful inference of genuine incurred earthquake victims and consequently improved...

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