Abstract :

Ce-doped MgO nanopowders were prepared via a chemical coprecipitation method. The as-obtained products were characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD), scanning electron microscope (SEM), Thermo gravimetric and differential thermal analysis (TG-DTA) and UV diffused reflectance spectroscopy (UV DRS). The results show that cerium atoms have been successfully incorporated into the crystal lattice of MgO with cubic structure. SEM with EDX and XRD characterization studies confirmed that MgO particles thus obtained have hierarchical structures with high purity. The particles are uniformly spherical in shape. The elements presented in the sample were found by EDX. FTIR analysis confirmed the presence of Mg-O stretching in the sample. The perspective applications of the synthesized materials include photocatalysis (e.g. reduction of CO2, degradation of CH3 CHO, dye degradation, etc), dye sensitized solar cells, nanofluids with high thermal conductivity and heavy metal ions removal.